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Linde AG
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65189 Wiesbaden

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This page provides you with the respective information required by REACH for each substance supplied by The Linde Group.

Substances - 1. Exemptions from REACH according to Annex IV & V

  • Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen
  • Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Helium, Neon, Krypton, Xenon
  • Mixtures of these substances
  • Medical gases and Food gases
  • Natural gas and Liquefied petroleum gas

Substances - 2. Registered Substances - registration number finder

For each substance registered by The Linde Group you can easily find the respective registration number by inserting your country and the substance of interest. Registration number finder

Substances - 3. Notified Substances - notification number finder

For each substance notified by The Linde Group you can easily find the respective notification number by inserting the respective substance.

Notification number finder


Substances - 4. Pre-registered Substances

As the first step of the REACH process, The Linde Group has pre-registered all its substances that it either manufactures or imports. Substances that are listed in Annex IV and V of the Regulation have not been pre-registered as there is no requirement to do so. You will find all information on this page.

List of pre-registered substances together with its anticipated registration dates:
Download list

Substances - 5. Uses communication tool

For each substance supplied to you by The Linde Group, simply select the substances from the drop down list. Then scroll down the list of usages and check that one or more of the generic uses together with the codes from the Use Descriptor System described in CEFIC Guidance Document R12 describe your use of the substance. If you cannot find an appropriate description of your use of the substance, please send an email with your company and contact details and the name of the substance together with your specific use to

Uses communication tool

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