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Linde AG
Abraham-Lincoln-Straße 21
65189 Wiesbaden

Telefon 0611.770-0
Telefax 0611.770-269


To get in touch with your local REACH contact person, please use the following configurable email address:

where 'cc' represents the corresponding European country code. Please set your individual country code as listed below.
(Due to security reasons we do not post direct e-mail addresses via web)

AT   Austria
BA   Bosnia and Herzegovina
BE   Belgium
BG   Bulgaria
CH   Switzerland

CY   Cyprus
CZ   Czech Republic
DE   Germany
DK   Denmark
EE   Estonia
ES   Spain
FI   Finland
FR   France
GR   Greece
HR   Croatia (Hrvatska)
HU   Hungary
IE   Ireland
IS   Iceland
IT   Italy
LT   Lithuania
LU   Luxembourg
LV   Latvia
MT   Malta
NL   Netherlands
NO   Norway
PL   Poland
PT   Portugal
RO   Romania
SE   Sweden
SI   Slovenia
SK   Slovakia
UK   United Kingdom

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